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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there every any fee or charges?

Absolutely not, we never charge any fee’s or commissions to ask to look at your house and make you an offer, be very careful with anyone that wants to charge an upfront fee or commission!

Do you pay full retail for my house?

Usually not but if your house is perfect condition and located in a great neighborhood we will get you the best price we can, the better the condition the higher the price but remember most of the homes we buy have deferred maintenance and need a lot of love to bring them back to there former glory.

How do you determine your offer price for my home?

That value is derived from a number of factors such as: What homes have sold for in your neighborhood in the past 6 to 9 months that are in good to great condition and

How soon can I get my money?

If your in a rush and need to close / fund fast! We can speed up the closing process in a little as 7-10 days.

Do you really pay all closing costs?

99% of the time we will pay for all of the buyers and sellers closing costs less any property taxes owed or liens such as a mortgage or bank loan.

Where do you buy properties?

We cover the entire Dallas fort worth metroplex (DFW) and surrounding areas, as far west as Azle, far east as Gun Barrell, north as Prosper or Celina and South down to Lancaster Desoto and Wilmer.

What kind of properties do you buy?

Mostly Single Family residential properties and small multi family dwellings but we also buy vacant lots and will consider raw land.

I have a mortgage how does that work?

If you have a mortgage or had one in the past against real property, the title company will order a payoff request, or if it has been paid the bank should have recorded a FULL RELEASE but sometimes they forget so have to contact the current lien holder and request a payoff amount.

I owe a lot in back taxes who pays for them?

The seller is responsible for back taxes but the good thing is you don’t have to come out any money and pay this off prior to closing, the title company (escrow agent) will take the buyers money and pay off any taxes owed and you receive the balance.

My parents passed away and I want to sell their house, do I need a lawyer or attorney and go through probate court?

It depends, usually you can avoid a lengthy and expensive probate docket by using what is called HEIRSHIP Affidavit’s, depending on how many heirs the deceased party has will determine if this is a good option.

My house needs a lot of repairs and won’t qualify for a mortgage can you still buy my house?

There is no need for you to do any repairs since we use private equity and our own money to buy properties in their AS/IS condition, it is expected that many homes extensive repairs and it

My name isn’t on the deed can I still sell my property?

If you are not on the deed but you believe you have equitable interest to sell the property, you will have to prove ownership interest, sometimes this happens when someone passes away without having a written WILL, this is called INTESTATE.

Who pays the closing costs?

Most of the time we pay all closing costs associated with the closing except any seller taxes, or seller liens such as a mortgage IRS Lien. We (the buyer) will pay for your escrow fee, attorney fees, document preparation, recording fees and title policy, this can save you thousands in closing costs!

I already signed a contract with another buyer, can you still buy my house?

It depends, we would need to review the paperwork your signed to determine your options but if you are still under contract with another buyer we encourage your to honor your agreement.

I signed a contract previous with another buyer but they could NOT PERFORM, can you still buy my house?

It depends on how long you are out of contract and the reason the buyer could not close,

My house is listed with a realtor and not selling can you still buy it?

Yes we can but if you are still under contract with your Realtor then we believe they would be owed a commission depending on what your listing agreement erangement is.

Are you realtors or going to list my house on the MLS ?

While one of my of our company members are Licensed Realtors, we are not interested in listing your house for sale on the multiple listing service, we are only interested in buying your property.

Happy Sellers

“Mr. Shannon for the wonderful job that he did with the buying and selling of my home. thank-you for your patience and support and compassion. Shannon gave us the best and fair offer ever. Thank you!”



“Once I spoke to Shannan, he immediately went into action and within 20 days of our initial contact, he sold and closed on my home.

If ever in need to sell a property, this will be my first and only call I need to make. Thanks Shannan!”



“Working with Shannan Coblentz  and  his team has helped our situation out immensely.  We owned a rental house in Texas that was costing us thousands of dollars in upkeep, interest, and other costs.  The downturn in the real estate market left us owing thousands of dollars more than the house was worth.  Shannan and his team stepped in and graciously managed the property and the sale of the house.  They took care of the entire short sale process working with the mortgage company, tenants, and potential buyers.  I highly recommend them if you find yourself in the tough situation of needing a short sale.  “


Jon and Rebecca Fuller

“I just wanted to thank you for working with us to get our house sold. It was nice to work with such a professional yet understanding person. We never felt pressured and you were also in communication with us.”


Eva Terrell

“I just want to thank you for all of your help in buying my house.  I had been to several buyers and nobody wanted to buy the house, it was at the point of going into foreclosure. I had one house to go into foreclosure and I didn’t want that to happen to this one.  When I called you, you told me that you would do your best to buy the house and you did that. Thank you so much. This is a burden that lifted off my shoulders;  you really don’t know how much this really means to me.”


Mary Bell

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